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The protest at India Gate is gaining momentum with time,despite the various efforts made by the police to the protestors. Although 7 metro stations have been closed,people from different places are reaching India Gate.
The picture is clear this time we won't stop,we want strict laws against such crimes.
Today is the second day of the protest,student from different colleges,people from different  places gathering for one cause.Where people from have managed to come at India gate despite the restriction imposed.President of India don't have time to come outside and listen to our voice.

The people are not lead by any political party or leader.They came on their own,for the justice and a safe place where women can live freely..


 Despite being a democratic country,where we have the right to express and protest peacefully,Police lathi charged on protestors,they don't even left girls.This is the democratic country in which we live.

Instead of the ongoing protest in Delhi...new rapes and molestation cases are coming to light.
This indicates that such people don't fear the current law anymore.
A maximum of  7 year imprisonment is the punishment according to current law.
The laws need to be redefined now.


Essentials Of Rumi

A collections of some quotations and poems of Rumi.

                                                              When the world pushes you to your knees, 
                                            you are in the perfect position to pray ~Rumi


However much we describe and explain love, when we fall in love we are ashamed of our words~Rumi

A life without love is a waste. “Should I look for spiritual love, or material, or physical love?”, don’t ask yourself this question. Discrimination leads to discrimination. Love doesn’t need any name, category or definition. Love is a world itself. Either you are in, at the center…either you are out, yearning.

I smile like a flower not only with my lips
but with my whole being.  ~Rumi

One day I feel confused and down,
the next I can reach the sky
without you I am never calm.
In your absence people ridicule me,
but when you come
I don't mind what they think or say. ~Rumi

Be soulful ; Be kind ; 
Be in Love.
Rumi i♥

Although I may try to describe love, 
When I experience it, I am speechless.

                                                 Once you conquer your selfish self,
                                                               all your darkness will change to Light. Rumi                                                                         

There is a window from one 
Heart to another Heart.

Your kindness cannot be said.
You open doors in the sky.
You ease the heart and make
God's qualities visible. ~Rumi

Apart from Love, everything passes away.~Rumi

Left facebook long ago,but couldn't left Rumi... and his poems.


Time Travel(Last part)

Time travel...the idea itself is much fascinating when one think of it.With this idea comes various thoughts regarding what we will do after being travelled through time?Most plan(actually dream of) to go to future and see their future life and so that later after returning back to present they can prevent any miss happening yet to occur.
But many think to go back in time,to prevent and rectify whatever wrong has happened with them,may be to save their loved one or to correct grieved mistakes committed by them.
Everyone will have their own plans...but what physics say about,what you can do after travelling through time?
Since nobody has actually traveled through time yet so there are two open possibilities....
Either we will be able to change the past or we won't be able to change the past.
The idea of being able to change the past seems fantastic but by making even minute changes in the past you  can drastically change the future not only your...but of whole universe.
If you have watched the movie  Men In Black 3 then you will understand what i mean.The movie shows clearly that how an evil alien change the future by killing the agent K in past.

The ideas picturised  in science fiction are not the imagination of directors or producers but are the concepts adopted from physics,for example teleportation you may think that it is not true but teleportation origin from the equations of quantum mechanics.Teleportation is based on the "spooky" action at a distance (as Einstein called it) between the entangled particles(for detail reading search for Quantum entanglement and Quantum teleportation).Scientist have successfully carried out teleportation with photons.Changing the past can not only change the future drastically but it can also give rise certain paradoxes..for example the most famous Grandfather Paradox.
The Grandfather Paradox:-
The grandfather paradox is a proposed paradox of time travel first described (in this exact form) by the science fiction writer René Barjavel in his 1943 book Le Voyageur Imprudent (Future Times Three). The paradox is described as following: the time traveler went back in time to the time when his or her grandfather had not married yet. At that time, the time traveler kills his or her grandfather, and therefore, the time traveler is never born when he or she was meant to be.Now,if his grandfather died before having children then the time travelers parents would never been born and in turn there will never born the child which will go back in time to kill his grandfather...thus the time travelers grandfather must be alive.The situation demands that the grandfather should be dead and alive at the same time...hence a paradox.
Here's a video as well to understand more clearly..you will find many like this on youtube.

It is due to these paradoxes that the idea of time travel is always been controversial topic among the physicists.

Now,the second possibility-which restricts us to make any change in past.
A logical question may arise in your mind  that how can it be possible that i travel to past and cannot change it by anyway?
It can be possible because by travelling to past you will only b full filling the need of the past.
Let us consider a hypothetical situation to understand this..
When you were 12 years old you met with an accident,however you survived,having some scratches here and there... because someone  saves you but the accident had an  psychological effect on you and you clearly don't remember what  actually happened that day except this that you went to pick the ball from the road.
Later,You grew up to become an eminent scientist and you built a time machine.Now you decide to travel back in time to figure out what actually happened THAT day of accident.You set the date in time machine to the date when that accident occurred.As you reach there(back in time) you find your-young-self playing in the open park near to your house,you remember up to this clearly.You stare yourself for sometime and started to wait for the accident to occur.You wait for considerably long time and started to loose temper then suddenly a ball hits you,you angrily throw the ball aimlessly which landed on the road.Soon you see your young-self going to retrieve the ball in hurry.You notice a truck coming in speed towards the boy(childhood you) which the boy didn't noticed.You abruptly run to save yourself being hit by the truck,just in time you forcefully pulled the boy aside of the truck..resulting in a roll down to the ground.You and your young self got some scratches here and there..and your young self has been fainted during all this.
So now you understand what actually happened that day,it was you who threw the ball thus causing the accident but it was also you who saved yourself from the accident and since you didn't observe the truck coming towards you when you went to pick up the ball  and also had been fainted during all this that is why you don't remember what happened at that day in your childhood.

It can also be realized by  again consider the grandfather paradox.In the paradox ,you plan to go back in time and kill your grandfather in past.The act of killing is associated to the past...things which have already happened.That when you in your present is planning to kill grandfather the attempt of killing the grandfather has already happened because it happened in past and since you are alive it means that you have already failed in past.
No matter how,maybe you miss the shot or forgot to fill gun's magazine...it can be anyway in which you can fail to kill.Your existence in future showed that your grandfather had survived the past.
This is first proposed by David Lewis in essay The Paradoxes Of Time Travel.
And i strongly believe in this picture of time travel.

However this second possibility also gives rise to a very interesting paradox,this paradox i read in Michio Kaku's book HYPERSPACE,which was originally from Robert Heinlein classic story "All You Zombies" :-
A baby girl is mysteriously dropped off at an orphanage in Cleveland in 1945."Jane" grows up lonely and dejected,not knowing who her parents are,until one day in 1963 she is strangely attracted to a drifter.She falls in love with him.But just when things are finally looking up for Jane,a series of disaster strike.First,she becomes pregnant by the drifter,who then disappears.Second,during the complicated delivery,doctors find that Jane has both sets of sex organs,and to save her life,they are forced to surgically convert"her" to a "him".Finally,a mysterious stranger kidnaps her baby from the delivery room.
Reeling from these disaster,rejected by society,scorned by fate,"he" becomes a drunkard and drifter.Not only has Jane lost her parents and her lover,but he has lost his child as well.Years later,in 1970,he stumbles into a lonely bar,called Pop's Place,and spills out his pathetic story to an elderly bartender.The sympathetic bartender offers the drifter the chance to avenge the stranger who left her pregnant and abandoned,on the condition that he join"time travelers corps".
Both of them enter a time machine ,and the bartender drops off the drifter in 1963.The drifter is strangely attracted to a young orphan woman,who subsequently becomes pregnant.
The bartender then goes forward 9 months,kidnaps the baby girl from the hospital and drops off the baby in an orphanage back in 1945.Then the bartender drops off the thoroughly confused drifter in 1985,to enlist in the time travelers corps.The drifter eventually gets his life together ,becomes a respected and elderly member of the time travelers corps,and then disguise himself as a bartender and has his most difficult missions:a date with destiny,meeting a certain drifter at Pop's Place  in 1970.

Now, the question is-who is Jane's mother,father,grandfather,grandmother,son,daughter??
the girl,the drifter and the bartender are the same persons,if you observed.
This is the most mind boggling and cleverly formulated paradox on time travel.
However the mystery yet remains the same whether we can change the past or not? and it can only be solved after traveling through time.


Time Travel(Part 2)

The post is about the progress in our understanding of time and the possibilities of time travel in our modern world.The effort is to provide the basic idea without the rigorous mathematics and terms.

So,in previous post we came to know that the space which we see as nothing is actually effected by the presence of  mass or energy.Greater mass means greater will be the warping of space and since gravity is nothing but this curvature of space so greater will be the gravity...it is an effect originated from the curved geometry of space.
In short
Heavy mass--->more warping of space--->strong gravity.
It can be easily realized..among planets,Jupiter is the heaviest planet in solar system..so it warps more space than other planets and hence it has the strongest gravity.Similarly Sun is more heavier than Jupiter thus it will warp more space around it therefore strong gravitational pull.

Since both space and time are linked with each other(known as space-time)the distortion in space also results in the distortion of time.Greater the warping of space slower will the passage of time.
Heavy mass--->more warping of space--->strong gravity--->slower passage of time.

While discussing time dilation of special relativity we understand that the faster we move,slower will be passage of time and also the space will be contracted.These effects(effects discussed in SPECIAL RELATIVITY) are relative i.e you,moving in car,will say people on ground are moving slowly and are contracted(since things are moving for you) while on the other hand for people on ground you are acting slowly and you along with your car have been contracted(as for them you are in motion).
Whereas  the effects of general relativity are in agreement from both the observers.

For example,suppose you travel to some other region,which has a much more strong gravity than that of earth.Now,when you again look at the grand clock on earth,you will notice that the grand clock is ticking fast while your wrist watch is ticking at the normal rate.And people on earth,observing your wrist watch will say that your wrist watch have been slowed down and their grand clock is ticking normally.
Here both are saying the same thing but the other way round.
It is because when you moved to the other region with strong gravity(i.e region of more warped space).This curved space also effect your senses and since our senses along with the space have also been distorted that is why we feel everything normal in our local region...and obscure in other,non-local regions.
Such dilation in time due to the curved space is generally called gravitational time dilation.

Einstein's theory of general relativity not only tells us about the curved space-time but it also predicts two highly fascinating objects which should exist according to the theory.
First are Black holes,which have been successfully detected and the other are wormholes.
BLACK HOLES are formed after a star dies crushing down completely under its own gravitational pull.They are highly dense..the neutrons and other subatomic particles are almost touching each other having no space between them.
To get an idea of the density of black holes...a ONE SPOON FULL mass of a super massive black hole will be much heavier than the mass of whole landmass of  Delhi.

Since Black holes are much more massive and dense... they warp the space around them to a greater extent and hence have a very strong gravitational pull.Even light can not escape the gravitational pull of black holes if it enters the event horizon.
Event horizon is the limit beyond which if anything goes,into the black hole,then it can never came back and will be crushed by black holes immense gravity.
The first image below shows the different stages a dying star passes through to become a black hole

Now since even light can not escape their gravitational pull,they appear black.

If you have understand gravitational time dilation(discussed above) then it will be easy to understand.
Suppose you enter a space shuttle and travel close to a Black Hole...since you are now in a region of high gravity then time will pass more slowly for you than the time here on earth.After spending just few hours near to the black when you will return back to the earth then you will find that many years have been passed on earth.
That is you traveled to the future spending just few hours near to black hole.
However, there are no black holes present near our solar system.The nearest black hole is several light years away from earth..so just to get there requires a lot of fuel first and to spend few hours near it,without being pulled inside will require immensely powerful exhaust system..to overcome their gravity.
So going to the future is possible however it may take several years to built such highly efficient ships.

Now,what about going to the past??
This is achieved by the wormholes described by general relativity.

Wormholes are just like the tunnels connecting two different places with each other...wormholes also connect different regions of space in our universe.A wormhole simply cut short the distance between two regions of space.Since they are bridges connecting two regions so there can be different kinds of wormholes,some connecting two regions in same universe or some connecting two different universe(if multiverse exist). Wormholes are also supposed to connect different times as well.
That is if you enter a wormhole you not only be transferred to an other place but also to either to future or to the past as well.

All this seems exciting right?
But sad part is that no macro wormholes(macro here denotes big enough so that spaceships can enter it) have never been detected so far.And if they are detected in future then the physics underlying them states that they will be very unstable.So much sensitive that if anything will cause any disturbance,they will collapse..closing forever.

But in June 1988,three physicist Kip Thorne,Michael Morris and Ulvi Yurtsever 'solve' for a womhole
(solve because wormholes are predicted mathematically by general relativity,they don't have any physical existence yet but they are supposed to exist),one which is stable and can be used to travel.

So it may be possible that one day these wormholes were detected and our technology become so advance that we can construct efficient ships to travel close to a black hole and to pass through wormholes.

So whatever you see in science fiction movies are often valid theoretical possibilities off physics which are yet to be verified experimentally.
Now  it's all folk regarding the time travel..Time travel is not possible with today's technology but may be in a distant future it may becomes the reality.

So,if we happened to travel back in time..can we change the past?overturned history completely?rectify our mistakes done in past?....in next post.


Time Travel(Part 1)

The post is about the progress in our understanding of time and the possibilities of time travel in our modern world.The effort is to provide the basic idea without the rigorous mathematics and terms.

Time..for general public it is the normal tick-tick-tick of the clock but for physicist it have been a great mystery from the very beginning of our understanding of nature.

Isaac Newton was the first one who gave a scientific description of time.
Well,this is not actually true,Rig Veda contain very beautiful description of time,however it also describes time as static and moving forward.But there is an another calculation in Indian ancient literature,describing the 1 day of Lord Brahma which shows that people were aware of time dilation...i will explain time dilation later.It all shows that ancient Indians have a deep knowledge than we have today about world,however most scientist don't believe the knowledge Vedas contain.
Newton also described time as something which cannot be changed,it flows like a river.You cannot change it's pace.It is like an arrow always moving forward i.e towards the future.
However,200 years later after Newton,an unknown physicist in 1905 drastically changed the all earlier accepted notions of time.A simple idea overturned the old concepts of time.Albert Einstein...with his Special theory of Relativity shows us that time is not static it changes with our movement in space and is also effected by the curvature of the space itself.Time is dynamic.Time ticks differently for different observers.

Time Dilation...in simple words,it says the faster you move the slower the time will ticks.At first it seems all logical that the faster i move the less time i will take to reach a place.But here what matters is how fast you are moving.
First consider this postulates of Einstein's theory-"Speed of light is constant for every observer"
That is if you are standing on a ground and you measure the speed of light you will measure it to be 671 million miles per hour and even if you measure the speed of light while moving in an air plane with speed 200 miles per hour then you will still measure it to be 671 million miles per hour..it will remain constant no matter you are standing or moving with respect to it.

Now,to understand time dilation,consider this hypothetical situation.Suppose you have a car which can move close to the speed of light and you are about to leave to see an old friend of yours.Before starting your journey you match your wrist watch with a grand clock tower,which is so big that it can be seen from far off places clearly.Now you start your journey..moving at 100 miles per hour things are as usual and normal.You are sitting in your car and the people are passing by you i.e you feel you are at rest and others are moving relative to you.The time(the ticks)of your wrist watch matches exactly well with the grand clock.
However in hurry to reach your friend quickly you accelerate to 400 million miles per hour.You again look at both clocks(your wrist watch and the grand clock) to make sure you are going by time. you will be amazed to see that the grand clock is ticking slower than your wrist watch,soon you will realize that it is not the clock only everything outside your car is slowing down.Peoples are walking slowly,talking slowly,eating slowly as if someone has pressed the slow motion button for outer world.This slowing down of time is known as Time Dilation.You will further realize that everyone outside the car will appear to be shrunken in width(this is known as length contraction),for you things outside car will appear to be exceptionally thin.However you perceive things in your car absolutely normal.

It is just the one side of the story.
For people outside the car you are moving with respect to them.So when they will observe your wristwatch(just assume that you can observe it at this great speed) they will find that your clock is ticking slowly compared to the grand clock and for them,you will appear to be moving slowly in your car.Also they will find that your car as well as you has shrunk in length.You will never feel it physically or mentally because both have also been effected.
The effects are relative..and both(you and people outside) are absolutely correct.It is all because....for you, inside the car,everything else is moving and you are at rest whereas for people outside car you are moving.

Now people may think that what if someone will move faster than light then...one should abandon the idea of going faster than light because relativity shows that faster you move slower the time ticks and heavier you become.That is if you accelerate your car more and more close to the speed of light, the car will become more and more heavier thereby decreasing you velocity.
Please don't think of the news of neutrinos going faster than light...it was found later that there was a flaw in their experiment which result in that result...however it may be possible that we reach that limit some day.
However their are theoretical particles,called tachyons,but they are theoretical there is no physical evidence of them yet.

10 years later Einstein published his General theory of relativity..a theory dealing with gravity.
Newton when discovered gravity doesn't himself know the true origin of gravity i.e what causes gravity.
Although,he was successful in developing the equations to calculate gravity acting between different objects and on different planets..the equation holds at every point in universe,making it an Universal Law.

This new theory,General Relativity tells us what gravity actually is.
Just like the Special theory of relativity,general theory of relativity revealed a more drastic behaviour of space and time,showing a relation between space and time..collectively known as space-time.

Space is the emptiness we see around us(not the space outside the earth) i.e. nothing but mind you this nothing isn't actually nothing it is among the major players who govern the universe.
Space is everywhere,everything exist in this space.Anything which you see as solid is actually 99% empty
(i.e contains space) because an atom which is the fundamental(not most fundamental)constituents of everything is itself 99% empty.Say for example Tajmahal,if you remove all the space from all the atoms making the Taj Mahal then it will shrink down to the size of a grain but weighing millions of ton.

The secret of gravity lies in this space.The presence of mass/energy warps the space-time around it.
To understand what it means see these images..the grids are representing the space.Since we see space as nothing..to illustrate the bending of this 'nothing' grid representation is used.

Yes this so called nothing can actually warp due to the presence of mass/energy and mass drags the space along it.

An another way of understanding,suppose you and your friend are holding a long rectangular rubber sheet stretched.Now i put a heavy metal ball on it.What will happen? The ball will warp the sheet around it,creating a depression around it.

The space behaves similar to that rubber sheet whenever mass(heavenly bodies) is present... they warp the space in the same manner the ball warp the rubber sheet.

Now whenever a heavenly body comes near this depression in the fabric of space..it follows the warp and start revolving around it.Here's pic and a video to illustrate this.

So it is due this warping of space that a planet or any other heavenly body revolves around the other.Therefore,the force of gravity is nothing but the curved (or warped) space.
The physical insight which Newton lacked about gravity is provided by Einstein.

Now,if you still find it hard to believe that  how can space be warped or curved.. then let me know you it has been experimentally verified by NASA.
ON 20th April 2004 NASA launched GRAVITY PROBE B to detect whether the warping of space described by general relativity is true or not....and to their satisfaction the probe verified the warping of space...earth is warping the space around it.



Two weeks ago,while reading the newspaper a headline caught my eyes.A baby girl was found in sewers,Ghaziabad.The place wasn't too far from my place where the baby was found,Police suspects that the girl belong to a rich family since the cloth in which she was covered was very expensive.The news drifted my thoughts to a similar incidence happened in my locality last month,i baby girl was found in temple.
It seems that despite Aamir's  effort to reduce female foeticide/infanticide,some peoples are still insensitive..such cases are still in news from all around the country.Yes,there is a change,now they don't kill they dump them like garbages...pathetic
Both the two girls were later sent to Mathura,in a child care home.
According to 2011 census and other national statistics 7,00,000 girls are missing at birth after determining their sex.
According to an another report 10 million foetuses  have been aborted in India with in past two decades.

The Directorate of Health Services,in Mumbai provides a much more scary statistics that since  2009,around 2.46 lakhs abortions have been done only in Mumbai.In much more detail
from year 2009-2010 about 39,222
year 2010-2011 about 95,332
year 2011-2012(until March) about 1.11 lakh abortion have been done in Mumbai.
The problem,we all know,is thinking.The desire to have a male a child is the only reason.Why a male child?The reasons are as narrow as their minds.The show Satyamev Jayate has already proved the thing that this 'tradition' exist mostly among the respected educated class of the society.
It is a harsh reality that we live among such peoples,in a country where parents can easily kill their innocent new born because it was 'she'. 




Human trafficking is an another blotch on our country.Human Trafficking is the transportation of of human against their will,forcefully,to different states and countries for the purpose of exploitation,which includes exploiting the prostitution of others,sexual exploitation,forced labor,slavery or similar practices and the removal of organs.

The purpose of human trafficking is very clear and so are the factors responsible for it.
There are innumerable factors responsible for human trafficking,but among all factors...prime factors are  unemployment,hunger and poverty.We have already seen the picture regarding hunger and poverty in our country.The total number of people below the poverty line is 35.46 crore,which unfortunately serves as main targets for human traffickers.Such families are often the targets of smugglers all they have to do is an assurance of good job for their(poor families) sons and daughters,of course which is a trap and as soon as they are handed over to these smugglers,in mere few day these boys and girls were sold to different peoples in different states.
The boys are either sold to work as house hold helpers or to some small scale factories where they work with no wages where as girls are sold to brothels where they were forced into prostitution.
Unemployed people are next main targets of smugglers,the trap is the same,a good job.They were guaranteed with a job.They were told to go to various places,on the name of interviews,in this way they themselves are taken away into the clutches of these traffickers 

In 2009,in a conference on human trafficking,Ashwani Kumar,director of CBI during that time,provided the shocking data that more than 1.2 million children in India are caught up in trafficking as child prostitute and added,making the picture worse,that as many as 100 million people in India are involved in trafficking related activities.
According to a 2006 report of Save The Children India,child sex slaves is increasing because of the male clients,who only prefer 10- to 12- year old girls.

In 2011,862 cases of trafficking were reportedin comparison to 679 in 2010-which is an increase of 27%.

"Out of 325 children rescued by us in 2011,162 were working as domestic helpers;an agent earns between Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 for selling a girl to a brothel,while he can get a commission of at least Rs 20,000 is he sells her to a house hold"-Ravi Kant,the pesident of  Shakti Vahini.

The network of human trafficking is very big,one can easily interpret this from a look at these headlines...
Jan,21,New Delhi-Police arrested 4,involving in human trafficking.
A case in which  105 passport found at IGI Airport in an unclaimed baggage.
May,8,New Delhi-six were arrested accused of human trafficking,two are women among those arrested

May,23,Meerut-Human trafficking racket busted,35 women and kids rescued by police.
35 women including minors who were trafficked into city from Nepal and Rajasthan.
May,30,Chennai-Human Trafficking racket busted.
Women from Kerala were taken to Singapore and forced to prostitution.

Jun,4,New Delhi-Human trafficking network smashed by Delhi police after rescuing a minor girl and arresting of a 32 year old women. 

Jun,26,New Delhi-Four placement agencies were found involved in human trafficking.
Names of these agencies were Babita Enterprises,India Maid Bureau,Deepika Placement Agency  and Mission Welfare Society.They are involved in the trafficking of minor girls from Assam, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. 

And many more cases...

Yes,there are laws to prevent it but if these were enough powerful then there won't be so many cases of human trafficking and i might not be writing this post...but the reality is they are not powerful enough to control it.In India,ITPA has made commercial sex illegal but the act failed to address the causes which leads to such victimization.

Various NGOs like Shakti Vahini were doing a great job to curb this social evil.


Happy Independence day

"Tum mujhe khoon do...main tumhe azadi dunga"-Subhash Chandra Bose 

The sketch i made when i was in 10th standard,thought i should post it.

There are many heroes who fought for the freedom of our country...known and many unknowns,who died for a free and better India.
India got freedom on this very day,in 1947.Since then we are developing,India is often termed as the fastest growing economy.
But it is also a reality that today our beloved country,for which many heroes died,is suffering from various diseases ...diseases like corruption,purchasable justice and innumerable crimes.
In my view development isn't just about the strong economy but also at social and moral level.
About the social development,we all know the reality,we come across it in newspaper everyday.
India became independent 65 years ago but still the country is in the clutches of  corruption and many other social evils.Women are not safe in day light and even on busy roads.
A rich can easily buy justice where a poor suffers for ages to get justice.

I have the same dream,which those brave freedom fighters have...for which they fought.A country where everyone lives with equality,a country where nobody sleeps empty stomach at night,a country where women can freely survive freely and comfortably,a country where only love and peace prevails...




        "If current trends continue ,250 million children alive today will be killed by tobacco"-W.H.O

As i started my search regarding the drug abuse or substance abuse(in general) among the children, i was shocked by the numbers or percentages i found.Drug abuse is one serious and big problem in our society.There are various forms of addiction,which we can't even imagine about.
And more horrifying fact is this that a large percentage is of youngsters and children..

*About 63.6% of the total patients,coming in for treatment were introduced to drugs at a young age,below 15 years.

*13.1% of the people involved in drug and substance abuse are below 20 years.

*Of all alcohol,cannabis and opium users 21%,3% and 0.1% are below the age of 18.

*In another survey,out of 18 million street children in India,about 90% indulge in Drug Abuse,75% of which do it to fight hunger.

*In India 20 million children a year and nearly 55,000 children a day are drawn into tobacco addiction which way larger compared to 3,000 a day new child smokers in US.

Tobacco Control squad conducted  a study in Kochi,in which it was found that near 90% of the schools in the city ,there were small shops where kids can get tobacco easily.The study found that more than 40% of the student population are using alcohol.

In Mumbai,similar condition were found when National Anti Doping Agency(NADA) conducted a dope test on the children who participate in wrestling during National school games.The authorities were shocked to see the report shows that school children of Mumbai are more keen in taking drugs than seniors.

There are various forms of intoxication other than tobacco,alcohol used by childrens which includes sniffing petrol,drinking too much cough syrups,inhaling whitener,pain releif ointments,licking glue,paint,gasoline,wet carbon paper,mixture of fibre matting and boiling toothpaste.These are some substances abused by children.

The most common and cheap source of addiction popular is  'Whitener',which is an stationary product.Mixing the whitener with it's diluter and  inhaling it produces the same 'high' effect similar to other drugs.The reason is that primary contents of it are alcohol.
Since whiteners are easily available in shops they are excessively used by children.
In a study conducted by Chetna in 2009,it was found  that the sales of whitener among street children and other children is in between Rs 24 lakh to Rs 67 lakh per day in New Delhi....shocking but true.

Coming to the harmful effects cause by this 15ml bottles of whitener,they cause a  serious brain damage which may result in blindness,tuberculosis and instant death.Whitener exerts its effect through trichloroethane.It also includes other substances such as petrol and toluene.
Serious adverse behavioural effects are often associated with toluene abuse related to the deliberate inhalation of solvents.Long term toluene exposure is often associated with effects such as: psychoorganic syndrome; visual evoked potential (VEP) abnormality; toxic polyneuropathy, cerebellar, cognitive, and pyramidal dysfunctions;optic atrophy; and brain lesions.



On investigating about the various reasons which force these children and youngsters towards drugs it was found that majority of street children are provided or being told by some other elder who is in already in  such practise from a long time.
Next,they find it cheap to purchse a 30rs whitener which can be used for days than to buy food just for one time.
This is the reality of developing India,these children are forced to use these drugs just to surpass their hunger.This is another effect of poor storage facility of grains and lack of adequate actions to provide food for poor families at low costs.Yes..there were various government outlets/Rashan shops which provide rice and grains at low cost on their Rashan Cards but again the corruption in India,the food which should be distributed among the people goes directly in to the stores of the corrupt workers and people who actually need them  goes back empty handed.
In a previous post,we have already seen that many young children die before the age of 5 due to malnutrition.It is not hard realize that whatever evils exist in our society are interconnected with each other.

On the other hand,when it comes to the reason which force educated youngsters towards these drugs then peer pressure,boredom,academic and parental pressure,lack of emotional support are some of the common reasons.
One most interesting excuse which is given by some 'noble and educated' youngsters is that drugs makes them feel like a man.
Simply pathetic and pityful thinking,i just don't understand what definition do we have of a man or when it comes to be a man.
A man isn't just about a toned,well build body or the who can fights on every pity issue to show his strength....neither just having a heavy voice nor the feeling you get after smoking/drinking/other drugs.These have nothing to do with being a man.

The main reason are lack of moral values and lost principles, today if a father smokes or drink then it is likely to have that his son is also involves in the same practice...excuse-if dad can do why can't I.
The availability of tobbaco and other drugs in the market are not the reasons...the reason lies in WHAT FORCES THEM TO MOVE TO SUCH THINGS?

Three kinds of addicts exist in our India:-
1.who are forced to do so beacuse of their hunger and poverty/introduced to drugs by some other individual comprises mainly of street children and school going children.
2.who pushed themselves to intoxication to overcome their tension or any other pressure which comprises mainly of educated youngsters.
3.who drug themselves just to feel like a man comprises of youngsters lacking moral values,having a wrong understanding of being a man. 

After several petitions on the issue filled by Chetna and other NGO's the National Panel  has finally decided to study drug abuse among children.

And i don't think that the generation gap between youngsters and their parents can't be bridged.Efforts from parents should be made to be more friendly and open with their kids before it is too late.

I would like to talk about myself,there comes a time in my life during which i start to smoke to surpass my all tension and grief i am going through.I started with 1 a day and with time my per day neccesity rises.
Once sitting in library,not taking my 'dose' from the morning i realise that i am just not able to concentrate on my book.Other effects i observe like a heavy feeling in throat.
After it i decided not to smoke be whatever be the tension i will go through.We think that it is helping us in getting rid of our problems but reality is it kills the ability to think if it is abused.
All drugs are harmful if you become an addict to it.

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"Ab A.C. Se Ladki Ka Kya Connection​?": A Personal Recount Of Sexual Harassment | Youth Ki Awaaz

"Ab A.C. Se Ladki Ka Kya Connection​?": A Personal Recount Of Sexual Harassment | Youth Ki Awaaz

Submitted anonymously:
We all remember this particularly funny scene from Jab We Met. The main lead, a big mouth, tells random people about how her parents always insist on her travelling in A.C. class in trains cause of her gender, and how that logic never made sense to her. Hence the dialogue, “Ab A.C. se ladki ka kya connection?” Connection hai bhaisaab! there is a connection. At least it was for me, a naive little free spirit, when after a particular incident all connections, thought processes, sense of security went out of the window of a speeding train.

I clearly remember that night. Heck, fresh wounds take time to heal. I was travelling alone in a 2nd A.C. class, heading towards home, for my holidays had just begun. The two berths above me were occupied by snoring men. Everything seemed normal, old people gossiping (and complaining) about random things like the weather and the government. I was totally immersed in my laptop. Young people, you see, the same everywhere. As the night dawned on us everyone dispersed, having exhausted themselves from talking so much. The seat by my side, no.9 was occupied temporarily by a bearded man, whose clothes were similar to sadhu and saints. Falling asleep in a train is near impossible for me, with all the moving and shaking, but being bored I had no option.
In the middle of the night, I started getting this weird feeling that something was creeping into my blanket, creating a light wave, trying to touch my neck. I looked sideways. A hand was swiftly pulled back by someone lying on seat no.9. Being a bit sleepy, I thought I was hallucinating. Also, someone’s hands couldn’t be that long, could it? I kept my eyes open for a minute, nothing happened. It was a fly, I decided. Still, closing my eyes I pretended to sleep. Within a minute (!) that weird sensation was back. My eyes flew open. The hand retired into the blanket. What the fuck. Hastily I opened the lights, and stared at the seat for 5 seconds. I half expected him to suddenly jump at me. No motion.
I ran to my left, trying to find someone. There is always someone awake in the alleys near the toilets, doing some work or puffing a cigarette. If I could find someone really fast, we could nab that bastard before he could escape. No one. On the right side I found a guy sleeping near the toilets. Please wake up before he runs away, I prayed.
As I spoke my twisted sentences, we ran to my berth. But alas, he was gone. We checked the toilets, quickly called the T.T., woke some people up. There was no trace. I hadn’t seen him as he was covered head to toe in blankets. All of my stuff was intact. The T.T. checked his papers and found that the occupier, a Mr. Gupta hadn’t boarded the train. The sadhu baba wasn’t the culprit either. We had seen him getting off the train. It was someone from this very coach, who had noticed my being alone, who came on the berth solely for perverted purposes. A loser, who had no identity and no morals either.
When misfortune strikes, people have their own ways of helping you deal with it. Some empathise with you. Some genuinely help you. Some abuse the one causing trouble. And the rest keep giving you advices on how you should have handled it in a different way than you did.
But all that they said sounded pure “what ifs” to me. Yes aunty you are right, I should have screamed and woken you people up. But in a moment of panic, hearing you all snoring, I momentarily lost my speech. Yes I should have pulled the blankets and given him a slap. But I feared he would drug me into silence. I feared things much worse. Having no weapon and fighting skills, I did what I thought best. Run. Find someone already awake. It’s a different thing my logic saved me but couldn’t catch him. I know they meant well. But a shaken up soul needs healing, not dealing. I was too lost to comprehend what they were saying. The whole night, what was left of it anyway, I couldn’t sleep. Any slight movement, even the whooshing of curtains would wake me up. I knew that it wouldn’t happen again this night, but some part of me permanently refused to believe it.
Who would have expected such things to happen in an A.C. coach? Don’t we all say to our daughters, “nahi beta, sleeper mei nahi. Agar A.C. seat nahi mili toh tum ni ja rhi ho. Bas!”? I have travelled in sleepers, 3A.C., chair cars, even local trains in U.P. and never in my life has anything  happened. People with class, who have enough means to travel in an A.C. coach, one wouldn’t think they would resort to such lowly stuff, would they? Forget the A.C. – non A.C. debate, why do people have to even do this to women? Life shocks you out of your camaraderie right when you least expect it.
In today’s world, there is no place safe for women. International companies, malls, roads, colleges, public places (yes, CROWDED public places) everywhere women have to face harassment, eve teasing or indecent touching. Call up any woman, and you will hear at least one such incident from her. Such things do nothing but scar our minds and induce fear. It seems that people have lost a sense of respect of a woman’s privacy, and feel a compelling need to pervade it. Stricter actions need to be taken. Society needs to be educated on how to treat the other half of their population. Things need to happen, NOW.
I am sharing this incident (I refrain to call it an ‘experience’) cause I was overconfident. I was foolish enough to think that not travelling alone and looking out for signals would be enough. That such stuff happens to other women, not me. I thought I was smart enough to save myself. What I didn’t realise was that even a smart mind needs preparation.
I am not advising you to stay closed in your homes, scared. Please, that’s not a way to live your life. And neither am I writing this to make people aware of mistreatment. That’s what you already know. I write this to urge you women out there, to take measures. To always be prepared. I insist (yes I literally am hell bent on insisting) that you NEVER EVER leave your homes without some sort of weapon, like a pepper spray or a sharp object. To take self defence classes. To smart-up your mind with all sort of stuff on how to protect yourselves. The society (especially the ‘educated’ idiots) says, “Women are not physically strong (read weak)”. But remember ladies, nothing beats a sharp mind, and a high heeled kick in the balls.



In India everyday about 3000 children die due to hunger and various diseases related to it.
According to UN report,near 2.1 million child die before the age of five every year in India i.e 4 die every minute,from the diseases which are perventable,which can be cured like diarrhoea,typhoid.
At one hand we are having bumper harvest of wheat and rice,we face problem regarding their storage and on the other hand
3000 young lives dying everyday because of hunger.

Bumper harvest yet of no use.Four in every 10 Indian children are malnourished, says UN report.
India ranks a lowly 66 out of 88 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2008. The report says India has more hungry people - more than 200 million - than any other country in the world.
One-third of the world's poor live in India, according to the latest poverty estimates from the World Bank. Based on its new threshold of poverty - $1.25 a day - the number of India's poor people has actually gone up from 421 million in 1981 to 456 million in 2005.

It seems that the government officials are happy with the tonns of grains and rice being rotten but they can't use it for their own people.
A recent news shows sacks of wheat and rice exported illegally to neighbouring countries by msome mafia.The big question is how thye got accces to government godowns.

Saddomajra, a village in the bread-basket state of Punjab, is one of the dumping grounds for the record stockpile of wheat that has accumulated after half a decade of bumper harvests in the world’s second-largest producer of the grain.

Here there are thousands of sacks of decomposing wheat, occupying an area the size of a football field and towering in some places to the height of a house. Tarpaulins cover most of the mounds, but many of the bags are torn, spilling blackened grain blighted by fungus and insects.

Around 48 percent of Indian Children are stunted, 20 percent wasted and 70 percent anemic - will have serious repercussions.
Surprisingly,India grows enough food to meet the needs of its 1.2 billion people. It is estimated that about seven percent of food grains are wasted due to lack of storage space and inefficient transportation.

*Images sourced from Internet.


Guwahati Molestation Case-Wasn't The First time and Not The Only One.

The Recent incidence of molesting a girl on busy streets of Guwahati create an outrage all over the country,it have got attention from all across the country due to an active support of the media and various NGO's but  you will be shocked to know that it wasn't the first time that a girl/women has been molested in public by mob.There were many previous cases where a girl/women is being harassed publicly by mob....and that even in broad daylight.

This video is from Bihar,Patna,where a women is harassed by mob in daylight.

Here is another case where a  17 year old girl is forced to parade naked in public in daylight...and shame on the media guy who instead of helping her record the whole video.

The case of Bangalore..the girl is molested by auto-driver on a busy road in bangalore. 

This incidence happen on the New year eve(31st dec. 2011) in Gurgaon-mehroli raod.Some drunk bastards try to take the advantage of the crowd and molest her.Luckily,the police officials was present there who save the girl.

And there are many more cases like this,who can find them on net.

Point is.... a woman who give birth to a new life,who must be respected in our society ...lives her life in fear.Fear of being beaten by her husband or in laws,fear of being got harassed in public.
This is the status and respect for the females in our modern India.